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Search Field Area on Galaxy S24 Ultra is not working due to this reason

Samsung introduced the Search Field function in its Galaxy S24 series. But now due to a Google update rolled out recently the function is not working and showing no results at all.

Why the Seach area feature is not working

Google’s Universal Seach Area lets you simply circle the area of the image. By enabling Google(long press home key) you can easily identify the image, but now a lot of Galaxy S24 Ultra users are complaining about the issue which is showing like this ” It Looks Like There Aren’t Many Great Matches For Your Search”. Even after fully enabling Google Assistant and factory resetting the device the issue is still there

As mentioned by a user Google’s latest update is causing this issue and fixing the issue by uninstalling the Google apps. The process doesn’t fully remove Google from the device but downgrades to its older version. The Search function is working after the process and other users can also try to fix the error until Google fixes it.