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Apple Vision Pro Vs Meta Quest 3 Face To Face Comparison

Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro have been launched recently. Both promise an immersive experience. Let’s find out which VR headset offers the best value for your money.

Productivity and Multitasking

The Apple Vision Pro has seamless multitasking capabilities that allow users to switch between multiple tasks effortlessly. With features like spatial video and intuitive voice commands, productivity becomes fast and easy. On the other hand, Meta Quest 3 offers decent multitasking options, if falls short in comparison limits the users within a few browser windows at a time.

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Email and Communication

Apple’s dedicated email app makes it a breeze experience. However, the Meta Quest 3 relies on a browser-based method for email communications, lacking the convenience of a native email application.

Apple vision pro vs Meta quest 3


Spatial video provides a better experience with Apple Vision Pro, along with its native Disney Plus app. Meanwhile, the Meta Quest 3 offers a unique alternative through apps like Bigscreen, albeit without support for 3D movies.

Apple vision pro vs Meta quest 3

Gaming Experience

Both headsets support gaming capabilities but here Apple Vision Pro struggles with latency issues that make the gaming experience less than optimal. In alternate, the Meta Quest has fine and impressive hand-tracking features that deliver fast and steady movements.

Apple vision pro vs Meta quest 3


Both Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 have their strength and weaknesses. While Apple’s Vison Pro offers a smooth and versatile experience, it comes at a hefty price tag. But here Meta Quest 3 provides a better value for money that makes it a better option for VR headsets. But the choice between the two lies in the user’s preference and budget, if you are an Apple lover and have a budget, go for Vison Pro otherwise it is not a bad deal to go for Meta Quest 3 too.

The original review is done via Virtual Reality Oasis