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Vivo X Fold 3’s 5500mAh battery shows impressive battery life results at test

The Vivo X Fold 3 launch event revealed that the phone’s battery (semi-solid) has extended battery life with a 700mAh increase from the previous model, a total of 5500mAh. While playing in Dolby video playback the battery life was recorded up to 12 hours and 57 minutes.

Vivo X Fold 3

Moreover, the device showcased its endurance by supporting a Tencent meeting for 12 hours and 21 minutes. Also, the device got impressive results at the DOU test. This accolade not only highlights its remarkable endurance but also addresses users’ battery-related concerns, providing relief of anxiety over battery drainage.

Vivo X Fold 3

The device also shows incredible performance in weather conditions, it demonstrates remarkable stability by allowing users to continuously record video content for 5 hours and 32 minutes at a low temperature of -20°C.