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Qualcomm unveiled new sound platforms for the next-gen audio in devices

Qualcomm just announced its new S3 and S5 Gen 3 sound platforms. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill system-on-chips (SoCs) these are the new era of audio excellence suitable for budget and mid-range devices.

While playing the media you feel the bass thumping, the vocals crystal clear. What’s the secret behind this sonic bliss? It’s Qualcomm’s Voice & Music Extension Program, a new tech that transforms software features into plug-and-play solutions for audio device OEMs. With the S3 and S5 Gen 3 at the top, other third-party developers can add up their creativity, crafting audio according to their needs.

Qualcomm audio tech

The S5 Gen 3 has an enhanced architecture inspired by the formidable S7 Sound Platform. With 50% more memory and a hefty dose of DSP processing power, it’s primed to tackle the toughest challenges in audio processing. From AI noise canceling to seamless voice processing, the S5 Gen 3 is a powerhouse for headphones and smart speakers.

The exciting news is that Vivo also launched its device powered by S3 Gen 3. Bluetooth LE Audio and Auracast support is also impressive for audio sharing and connectivity

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