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‘Lutton’: A new AI service launched with free, fast, and accurate results

Lutton Technology just revealed their AI service “Lutton”. A key feature enables users to make their personalized AI character chatbots effortlessly. Furthermore, the AI chat window underwent a complete makeover, taking into account user behavior patterns for seamless interaction. The initial screen underwent a redesign to improve accessibility to a plethora of AI service shelters for the future.

Lutton’s AI search is adept at analyzing user queries and promptly retrieving relevant real-time web information. It uses a combination of search results and AI models, and Lutton provides highly detailed comprehensive answers to match the users’s query intent.

Lutton adopted advanced technologies like (RAG) and internet browsing AI agent technology which are further coupled with ongoing enhancements in user speech analysis technology, enabling Lutton to provide timely and accurate responses to the latest queries, which is better than traditional LLMs.Lutton has no limitation in queries and is free of charge across all PCs and mobile devices.

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