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Xiaomi’s rebranded MIUI to HyperOS: What is it?


Xiaomi’s recent announcement of HyperOS has sent some good news among users, leaving curious about what’s new in it as Xiaomi rebranded MIUI 15 as HyperOS, creating speculations and excitement among people. As showcased here is a glimpse

HyperOS, despite its flashy new name, is essentially MIUI 15 with a fresh coat of paint. Built on the foundation of Android 14, it boasts numerous customizations aimed at enhancing users’ experience. Xiaomi’s decision to rename MIUI 15 to HyperOS may seem perplexing at first, but it’s clear that the company is positioning this rebranding as a step toward innovation and differentiation in the crowded smartphone market.

Initially, HyperOS builds were leaked under the guise of MIUI-V before being officially rebranded as HyperOS-V816. Interestingly, the version number “V816” holds significance as it commemorates the anniversary of MIUI’s inception on August 16, 2010. This subtle nod to MIUI’s heritage reinforces the seamless transition from MIUI 15 to HyperOS.


Future of HyperOS

While HyperOS may currently be synonyms with MIUI 15, Xiaomi has ambitious plans for its future iterations. The upcoming Xiaomi HyperOS 2.0 is poised to usher in MIUI 16, promising even greater optimization and a slew of new features. With beta tests expected to commence internally in April, users may have thought about what can come next.