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Xiaomi Is In Race To Develop Budget Friendly Foldable Smartphones For Users

xiaomi budget friendly foldable phones

In recent interactions with netizens, Wang Teng, Redmi’s marketing general manager, and brand spokesperson dropped subtle hints about the brand’s venture into the world of foldable mobile phones. This move is expected to bring competitive pricing strategies to the forefront.

The Need For Foldable Screens

Netizens express a desire for more options in the foldable mobile market, pointing out the absence of Redmi’s offering in both high and mid-range folding phone variations. Wang Teng’s response, “Do you need Redmi to fold” adds fuel to the speculations.

Xiaomi’s Current Landscape

Currently, under Xiaomi Corporation, Xiaomi is the sole player with its Mix Fold series. However, the market demands more affordable price options. Considering Xiaomi’s reputation for cost-effective devices, delegating the responsibility to Redmi seems to be a logical solution.

The Challenge Of Pricing

While Xiaomi’s Mix Fold series caters to high-end users, the pricing might not align with the masses. The current model in development is rumored to be ‘Mix Flip” which could be cheaper than Mix Fold. Redmi’s potential entry into the foldable screen arena could bridge the gap, offering a more budget-friendly alternative with a low budget.