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Xiaomi 14 Pro To Come With Titanium Metal Body: Elegance And Durability

Xiaomi’s latest flagship, the Mi 14 Pro is making some noise in the smartphone market, and not just its cutting-edge technology there are a few things to come in addition

One of the first noticeable features of the Mi 14 is its weight. The device feels a bit heavier, but for a good reason it’s crafted from titanium and interestingly, glass is heavier than ceramic. Obviously, it’s still a challenge to maintain a balance of both durability and weight.

The back and frame of the Mi 14 Pro are designed to repel fingerprints, ensuring your device looks sleek and clean even after heavy use.

  • xiaomi14 pro
  • xiaomi14 pro

Another noticeable change is that when viewing the Mi 14 Pro from the side. The screen appears as if it’s floating in the air. This innovative design combines both curved and straight screens to offer a unique visual experience and can be beneficial in watching videos and movies.

As pure titanium provides robust protection, it comes with a catch – high maintenance cost. However, this additional expense ensures that your device remains in pristine condition, making it well worth the investment for those seeking a premium and long-lasting smartphone.


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