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Why Indian Gaming Studios Don’t Make Good Games

Why Indian Gaming Studios Don't Make Good Games

The Indian gaming industry is witnessing a surge in diverse games entering the market, promising an immersive experience. There are various issues faced by developers, focusing on why games like GTA 5 or Sleeping Dogs and what’s the difference between the audience who like these and why Indian gaming studios don’t focus on quality games.

Indian Game Landscape

Games like Fauji, Maumbai Gullies, Project Madras (a similar game like MG based on Madras aka Chennai), and Mayanagri have captured attention with trailers and gameplay providing a glimpse into the unique narratives. However, one standout game is “Fauji” which garnered attention comparable to the iconic PUBG upon its ban in India

Graphics And Mechanics Challenges

While games like PUBG have set records with their unique gameplay and impressive graphics on all platforms, some Indian games like Project Madras, and the Mayangri series, face criticism for not meeting the same international standards.

Expertise And Skills Matter

While its no need to neglect that from our early childhood, we are playing games from the oldest device our generation has, some have experienced PS1, 2, and 3, while some used to play retro-type cassette games, and then we see Java games. All these games’ evolution started in other non-Asian countries like America, Japan, etc. Now from years of their success and their observations and hard work those studios have a great expertise in technology and adapting with any tool needed to develop games. Our Indian studios just handled their feet in a quality game market, so it will require investment to learn, notice, and adjust to all things.

Budget Disparities

Comparing budgets, GTA5 and Sleeping Dogs had significantly higher investments than Indian counterparts like Fauji or Madras, Mayanagri. GTA 5 was developed with a staggering $200 million, while GTA 4 had a $100 million budget in 2008. Comparing these games, the total budget in nowhere near that of GTA 4. While it’s important to notice that even after a high budget we need time for expertise and learning more skills. Need to spend the money on the right spaces including better and quality artists, better tools, and systems.

Investor And Audience Interest

Most Indian gamers are mostly mobile gamers. Primarily focuses on PUBG and similar titles. Investors prefer putting money where audience interests lie, leading to a lack of support for open-world games. The scenario changes when investors support titles like open-world games, requiring a three-year development phase. But in a negative scenario, there would be fear to developers of investors forced to quickly generate profit of the share they invest which can cause a quick hurry in the game with bugs and glitches.

The crucial aspect here is the lack of interest and support from both investors and audiences for open-world games in India. If investors are willing to support and fund games like Battle Royale, even with a lower budget, it could significantly boost the popularity of such games in India.

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