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Why apex legends mobile is shutting down? The real reason

You listen right about the news that our popular free-to-play game Apex Legends mobile is shutting down and with this EA is putting another game to a halting process and that is 
Battlefield mobile.

Apex Legends mobile Shutting Down

Apex Legends Mobile is Shutting Down. What Caused this decision?

Apex Legends mobile was launched in May 2022 (Not worldwide) and it seems that the game is not performing well as Respawn Entertainment tells in a statement that the game is not performing well as their expectations and soon the game will be discontinued in all regions till May 1st, 2023 and will be removed from play store and app store.

How Will Players Be Affected By Apex Legends Shutting Down?

The bad news does not end here at the end of Apex Legends. With the game, players will lose all their rewards in-game progress, outfits, skins, and in-game purchases (including Battle Pass). Unfortunately, their invested money won’t be refunded to them.

Are There Any Refunds Available To Players Who Purchased Items In Apex Legends Before It Shut Down?

It really makes a huge impact on players as the game has millions of downloads and there must be around millions of dollars invested in the game but still we can wait for EA to respond on this topic as they didn’t make any statement regarding refund policy or anything. Soon, neither you won’t be able to make any purchases in-game nor you won’t be able to add money to your game account.

Apex Legends mobile Shutting Down

What Makes Apex Legends Special?

Apex Legends was a massive hit when it came to PCs. It gets huge popularity and players loved it. Not a copycat game like other games its graphics style, and mechanism really impressed players, and because of the short matches (which don’t take a long time), people used to play it for a long time with more matches. The mobile version also got the same “Legends” as the PC and even got exclusive “legends” like “Fade” and “Rhapsody”. EA also was very responded to players and updated it time basis

Apex Legends mobile Shutting Down

What is the official statement from the developers regarding Apex Legends shutting down?

EA’s latest statement on their website shows that it was a mutual decision to close the game as they are incorporating with their partners. We don’t know the exact reason behind this but maybe it has been confirmed that EA won’t refund anything.

The fact that EA is stopping Battlefield mobile’s development is still unknown. This is another shock for players. No idea whether they release the game, but for now the development process is stopped. Maybe we won’t be able to play this. For now, we can hope for good to happen and wait for EA’s next response.

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