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What’s New in GTA VI? – An Analysis of the GTA VI Features gif maker%20(2)

If you are continuously staying active in the GTA community you must hear about some viral news in the last few days. Rockstar Games has always been known for its incredible attention to detail in every game they release. From the smallest of things, like an NPC’s facial expression, to the largest, like a whole country with more than enough details for

players to explore for hours on end. They have earned that reputation over the years with their amazing writing, good or bad game concepts with depth, and different stories every time coming into play throughout the whole game.

With that being said, it is no surprise that there are many features in GTA VI that have fans talking and eager for more details about the next Grand Theft Auto installment. It is not only because the franchise has become such a cultural phenomenon and a source of dreams for so many people worldwide but also because gamers are hungry for any information they can get about this upcoming game. The following article provides detailed insights into what’s new in GTA VI and what we can expect from this next installment in the franchise and other future games.

Firstly rockstar confirms that they are abandoning Red dead online so that they can fully focus on GTA VI. A mega leak of more than 120 pages shows how the game will look, what will the features, protagonists, story, locations, city, and many more. So we are going to talk about some interesting leaks which will shock you.

Some Recent Reports & Rumors

A recent article from Kotaku explains that rockstar was going to be remastered the original Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV but suddenly rockstar planned to cancel these projects. Although it’s both good and bad news. The bad news is that gamers want to play these games on their latest consoles and PC. Like you can play the original Red Dead Redemption only on Xbox even because it’s not supportable for Ps5 and PC. There may be a chance that you can try to play with PlayStation’s cloud gaming service but the reason is that it has high latency which will be a kinda boring experience. And the good news is that rockstars abandoned these projects only because they are fully focusing on making GTA VI.

We know it’s not easy to trust any resource rather than a true statement. All were assuming it was just a leak. Still, after this leak, rockstar made an announcement about their GTA online summer update on their website, and they tell that why they are not bringing any new DLC of RDR 2 because the reason they are consuming their development time in the next installment of GTA series. And it’s no need to say what is the next GTA.

What Leaker Claims

Yes, the official name is not confirmed yet but I think it would be GTA 6. Rockstar also stated in their news that will make it better than the fan’s expectations that’s why they abandoned Red Dead online for some reason. That’s why most of the fans are unhappy that rockstar is not making any update on RDR online and this must be a sign that rockstar will soon announce the GTA 6. For me, I think it may be in the next six months.

The leaks show that all this document is only for GTA 6 and later we can see some images of it. The new community of rockstars shows that they are working on fans’ expectations just like in the recent GTA online update. They added or improved some features like making “Oppressor Mark 2” a little bit more powerful which is a problem for most gamers. Now they are interacting with users on “Rockstar Community Update” where they are answering players’ questions. It means that they don’t want to make GTA 6 far from fans’ expectations and they will include everything that they like.

Surprisingly along with GTA 6 leaks a new open-world game leak comes to us named ” Everywhere”. As leaks show that the “Everywhere” game will have a massive open world environment through you can go anywhere in the world and the game is being developed by “Leslie Benzies’s ” company. Leslie was co-founder of Rockstar but they quit the job after 2016 and opened his own studio. Leaks show that it will be a rival of GTA and it has a huge development budget. But leaked images do not seem like their name. The image looks cartoonish but maybe it’s just concept art.

There may be another reason that the world in-game would be auto-generated like in “Minecraft. And maybe we can get options to change graphics style between cartoon and realistic day setting gif maker

Everywhere: by wccftech

Inside the Megaleak

The mega leak shows that the development began in 2014 and they will announce or reveal it in Q3 2022 and later release it in Q4 2024. At this point, it may be true that rockstar released their game after 2 years after announcing. It will come for consoles and later than PCs. The leak shows that the original name of the game will be GTA 6.

Characters Styled

It will feature multiple protagonists like GTA 5. “Ricardo”, “Casey” and third will be a playable woman name “Rose”. Ricardo will be a formal Columbian special agent obsessed with wealth and power. Casey’s behavior will be somewhat like “Trevor” but maybe she would not be a psycho like him. As player experience in GTA V was fascinating so we hope to see the same this time. And Rose may be a police officer. Plenty of reports also confirm there will be 4 protagonists, maybe 2 will introduce at the beginning, and the rest two later in the game.

What To Expect

The leak has huge information that is unable to explain here. The game’s duration would be near approximately 75 hours long. The prologue of the game will start from North America and later it will move to Vice City. Famous journalist Jason Schreier mentioned in a recent blog post about GTA 6 rumors. He stated some news that when “Dan Houser” (vice president and hand writer) left the company in 2019, some people also left along with him. This will impact the feel of the game. Maybe the reason is that Dan is creative in his work that’s the reason all GTA games have a strong sensation in storyline and gameplay. A few months ago Rocstar post a job listing for an environment artist who can create extreme weather conditions. Jason stated that the game will have a playable women character who will be a Latin American, which means that the whole map may also include some South American locations and cities like Cuba, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, etc. He also mentioned that the game is inspired by “Bonnie and Clyde”. These couples are famous for bank robberies and store robberies in the 1930s and there is also a movie created in the 1960s gif maker%20(1)
So it does not mean that the game’s crunch culture will also be set in the early 19s. Maybe they modified this plot a bit differently but it’s sure that the game will be set in the new era and has modern-day settings. The company decided to add massive areas of North and South America but now the report shows that the map has been cut down to change to fictional city-based locations like (Miami in ViceCity). It means they will update more missions and story expansion along with time and game progress. The reason is that GTA 6 will be a long game and take a long time to release so making it in parts won’t impact employees’ potential. But I don’t want to get these updates as same as GTA online because in campaign mode we didn’t get any update in GTA 5 and if it happens so it will be some disappointment for most of the fans. Hope this expansion comes for both offline and online modes. The concept video of the Teaser play shows what it will look like. gif maker%20(2)
GTA 6 leak map: by sportskeeda

Jason also stated that he talked to some employees regarding the game release but they were not sure and there was no update regarding the game progress that’s why most of the employees left the company. Some developers said that the game is still 2 years ahead. As we all know rockstar announces the game 2 years before release so this is the moment we are waiting for and hope to see the announcement at the end of 2022 and expected to release by 2024 or 2025. Some of the major changes are also done in-game to scale it to release it soon because it’s a big project but it’s all up to the company how they bring the final product.

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