Priced at a tempting $35.99, this game of the year winner offers a captivating world and challenging gameplay that RPG enthusiasts can't afford to miss.

Elden Ring

Priced at $29.99, Remnant 2 stands out as a fantastic multiplayer RPG that garnered critical acclaim. With an engaging storyline and captivating gameplay, this title is a steal at its current discounted rate.

Lords of the Fallen is on sale for $38.99. With significant improvements post-launch, now is the perfect moment to dive into this gripping RPG experience.

Blizzard's Diablo 4, available at $41.99, proves to be a worthwhile investment for action RPG enthusiasts. With hundreds of hours of gameplay, this title promises an immersive experience at a price that may not be seen again for a while.

Embark on a space-faring journey with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, priced at an astonishing $5.99.

The latest Star Wars game, Jedi Survivor, is available at $34.99. This title, arguably one of the best in recent memory, promises an adult-oriented narrative and exciting gameplay for Star Wars enthusiasts

Obsidian's The Outer Worlds, priced at $19.79, offers a solid first-person RPG experience. While it may not be the newest release, it remains a compelling choice for those who appreciate Obsidian's unique game design.

The Witcher 3 A third person action role playing game based on Slavic myhology is a available on 75% discount on steam