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This feature of ROG phone is a must installed in every smartphone

In the competitive world of mobile gaming phones apart from the rest: is its innovative cooling technology. This feature transforms the gaming experience on mobile devices.

Jerryrigeverything showed in his latest video that the ROG gaming phone has a revolutionary thermoelectric cooling system, designed to keep the device during the most demanding gaming sessions. Unlike traditional cooling methods, which rely solely on passive heat dissipation, the ROG phone’s thermoelectric cooling actively regulates temperature levels, ensuring consistent performance without throttling.

How Thermoelectric Cooling Works

ROG phone

Thermoelectric cooling operates on the principle of the Peltier effect, where an electrical current is passed through two different conductors, creating a temperature differential. In the case of the ROG phone, this technology is harnessed to dissipate heat generated by the device’s processor, GPU, and other components and maintain optimal performance levels.

By effectively managing heat buildup, the ROG gaming phone allows gamers to enjoy extended gameplay sessions without experiencing performance degradation or overheating issues. Whether engaging in intense battles or exploding vast virtual worlds, users can immerse fully in the gaming without compromise.