Starfield Players Push the Boundaries of Creativity and Discover Unusual Bugs


Inside the universe of Starfield, players are exploring and discovering innovative ways to go deep into the game. From turning shotgun into artillery to encountering peculiar bugs, the Starfield community is keeping the galaxy buzzing with excitement.

Unconventionally Weaponry: A Shotgun-Turned Artillery

One daring player has taken creativity to new heights, fashioning a shotgun into a carpet-bombing nightmare that defies Interstellar law. The player shared on Reddit to showcase his newfound weapon, humorously suggesting it might violate the Geneva Convention. The visually impressive display has garnered plenty of attention, leaving players in awe of the ingenuity within the game

starfield shotgun turned to artillery
by u/iswearshewas56

Stranded On A Barren Planet: A Unique Challenge

In another unexpected twist, a player is found stranded on a barren planet with no ship and unable to fast travel. This challenge looks baffled among the community and highlights the unpredictable nature of Starfield’s world. Some users even joked about how they survived by farming potatoes, which somehow seems a movie reference and looks like the craziest bug ever discovered.

stranded on a barren planet edited

Neon Underwhelms: Is The Game Missing That Spark

A player expressed how he was disappointed with the Neon City, as it seemed somewhat underwhelming and too safe for the space-faring universe he expected. That was not like he longed for cybernetic characters, underground death matches, and shady encounters. The sentiment struck a chord with many questions about the game’s cityscapes.

Unlimited Storage Secrets Revealed

A player (u/mrpickle123) revealed a secret to unlimited storage in the game’s lodge, amassing an impressive collection of items without crashing the game. This comes to other players if it was an inbuilt feature or an unseen glitch.

City Size In Space: Are They Up To Scale?

Another player questioned whether the cities in Starfield felt too small given humanity’s long history in space and asked about the density and variety of locations on planets and the existence of only one city on some planets.

As the game evolves and players explore it, it seems that the universe has many more secrets and adventures to discover and waiting to be discovered in the future

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