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Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 revealed on the official website

samsung galaxy fit 3

Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 specifications leaked prematurely on Samsung’s official website. The fitness tracker, featuring a rectangular design with quick-release strap options in Orange and Black, was unveiled in screenshots shared by Gadgets and Wearables and Samsung Community.

The device has a 1.57-inch AMOLED display with an aluminum body protected with IP68 certified and 5ATM water resistance. It weighs up to 18.5 grams

samsung galaxy fit 3
image via: Gizmochina

Notably, it upgrades from the Galaxy Fit 2, released in 2020.

In terms of fitness capabilities, the Galaxy Fit 3 includes an optical heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, light sensor, and fall detection. Offering over 100 exercise modes, it lacks built-in GPS, speaker, and NFC features.

The leaked details also reveal a remarkable 13-day battery life, supporting functionalities like notifications, music playback, camera control, find my phone, and more.

While the pricing remains undisclosed, rumors suggest it might be around. With the accidental listing today, the official launch of the Galaxy Fit 3 seems imminent.

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