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Sexy How Subway Surfers Look In Incredible RTX

The most popular mobile game subway surfers is now in a new look. We all played this game. This time there is a new experiment done with this game. I am talking about the “RTX”.

With the coming of RTX technology, many games have come with RTX enabled in them. Many models also try to experience some old games with this RTX feature. Inspiring this a famous team of modders and their famous youtube channel named “Teaserplay” just upload a video that shows how subway surfers have been recreated in Unreal Engine with photorealistic graphics.

subway surfers

How subway surfers is looking so incredible!

As you can show in the image and video subway surfers are looking dope in this gameplay footage. With the power of unreal engine 5 that comes with new nanite, lumen, and other next-gen graphics opportunities. “Teaserplay” always keep experimenting with games and they did this too with subway surfers. Sounds excellent but this is not a piece of cake as it requires technical knowledge of modding game’s files, their data everything.

subway surfers

Can you also enjoy this?

As this is not an open-source version like the original version. It’s just a playable demo of the game just to demonstrate how the game is looking wholly insane. Take a deep look at the video too, look at those reflections, lighting, textures, shadows, game animation of the character, and the collectible coin. The soundtrack is the same as always but the chaser is different in this demo.

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