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Samsung’s Official Cases for Galaxy A35 & A55 leak ahead of launch

Samsung’s official cases for the Galaxy A35 & A55 have been leaked, offering a glimpse of what’s to come. The leak reveals a variety of protective cases for these upcoming mid-range smartphones.

Customers will have a choice of five different case designs for both models, including Samsung’s Smart View Wallet Case in Black, White, and Purple. This case features a front cover with a small window for checking notifications and basic functions, along with a built-in card holder. In addition to the wallet case, Samsung will offer a silicone cover in Black, Lime, and Blue colors, as well as a Standing Grip Case in Blue and Grey for the Galaxy A35.

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There will also be transparent and semi-transparent cases available. For screen protection, Samsung will provide a 2-piece Screen Protector bundle with tools for easy application at home. Prices for these official accessories are expected to range from €10 to €60.

With repairability scores and support pages already published, the launch of the Galaxy A35 & A55 seems imminent, possibly in March or April. Stay tuned for updates on these anticipated releases.