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Samsung’s Next Strategy Is to bring Affordable Foldable Phones


Samsung is making strategic moves to introduce more affordable foldable phones. It’s shown that Samsung is considering a price cut for its existing models, specifically targeting the Galaxy Z Fold series with a starting price of $1,799.

The Innovation Behind Cost Reduction

The cornerstone of this potential price reduction lies in a shift in manufacturing methodology by Samsund Display for OLED panels. According to the Korean report, the company is exploring the use of inkjet printing for the bezels of the new panels, departing from the micro dry decoration process used in previous years. This innovation approach allows for the creation of larger initial films, providing more material to produce bezels which results in potential cost reduction for Samsung Display, which could, in turn. lead to price cuts for consumers interested in Samsung’s foldable phones.

However, it remains uncertain whether Samsung will pass on these cost savings to consumers or choose to increase profit margins. Regardless, the prospect of more accessible Galaxy Z Fold models is enticing for potential buyers.

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