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Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra rumored specifications come online!

samsung galaxy s25 ultra

As anticipation mounts for the next technological marvel, after the galaxy S24 series, rumors surrounding the Galaxy S25 Ultra spreding online. Crafted by a “Dream Team,” this smartphone is poised to redefine excellence. Here’s a glimpse into the speculated specifications:

Processor: Snapdragon 8 Gen4 or the powerful Exynos 2500 made by “Dream Team”

Storage and Performance: Starting at 256 GB, reaching a staggering 2 TB. RAM ranging from 12 GB to an impressive 16 GB.

Display: A stunning ~6.8-6.9″ 1440p AMOLED, featuring 120 or 144 Hz for a brighter, smoother experience.

Cameras: A refined 200 MP main sensor, a larger sensor for the 50 MP ultrawide camera, and a 3x-5x 50 MP variable telephoto lens. Plus, an IR depth sensor for precision.

Charging: Swift 65+ watt charging and Qi2 magnetic (MagSafe) charging with 25-watt fast charging. –

Battery: A robust 5000-5500 mAh battery, ensuring endurance for your daily adventures.

Design: An overhauled aesthetic with a rearranged camera layout, Gorilla Glass front/back continuity, and the elegance of Titanium rails.

The Galaxy S25 Ultra appears to be a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design enhancements. While these specifications are still speculations.

leaked source via (twitter)