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Samsung Galaxy S25 series may run on Exynos chips globally

Samsung’s Galaxy S25 series is rumored to feature Exynos chips globally, with no Snapdragon version in sight. Last year’s exclusive use of Snapdragon in the Galaxy S23 series might not repeat, as Samsung appears committed to its Exynos line.

Despite previous criticism, Samsung seems poised to continue with its Exynos processors, possibly introducing the unannounced Exynos 2500 in the upcoming Galaxy S25 lineup. Reports suggest Samsung is investing in customizing its in-house processors for better performance, aiming to rival Qualcomm’s Snapdragon solutions.

However, the use of Exynos chips in all regions, including the US, remains uncertain. Factors such as additional royalties for CDMA network compatibility could influence Samsung’s decision. While the possibility of Exynos 2500’s inclusion in the Galaxy Z Fold 7 and Galaxy Z Flip 7 exists, caution is advised when considering these rumors. As details unfold, a clearer picture of Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy S25 series will emerge closer to its release.

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