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Samsung Galaxy S24 Will Feature Exynos Processors Alongside Qualcomm

In recent earning calls at Benzinga, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon has confirmed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series will include Exynos processors in addition to Qualcomm chips.

Over the past few months, there have been many speculations and rumors regarding the processors for the Galaxy S24. Initially, it was predicted that Galaxy S24 phones would use Qualcomm processors, following the pattern of the previous model. However, subsequent reports indicated a potential split, with the base model receiving Exynos globally and the remaining models using Qualcomm. Another rumor suggested a geographical split, with US models utilizing Qualcomm and global models (excluding the Ultra variants) featuring Exynos processors.

Cristiano’s Amon’s statement sheds light on the event. He mentioned.

We’re happy with our partnership with Samsung. There’s the upcoming launch of the Galaxy S24. We expect to have the majority share.

Here the mention of the “majority share” implies the existence of a minority share powered by Exynos 2400 processors. This marks the first official confirmation of the split of Qualcomm and Exynos for S24. However, the specific details of how Samsung will allocate these chips across different models and regions remain unknown. In earlier days Samsung used to launch Exynos models in India and Snapdragon models globally. But there’s fairly no negative point that Ultra models will feature Qualcomm processors only.

As the launch of the Galaxy S24 approaches, Samsung fans will eagerly await further details in the coming weeks.


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