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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review: A Comprehensive Overview


Let’s explore the potential of the newly released Galaxy S24 Ultra, from gaming tests to scrutinizing benchmarks and battery life. While acknowledging the current software build, it’s worth noting that Samsung plans to roll out a firmware update, promising a transformation impact on the phone’s performance


The S24 Ultra’s design, featuring a titanium frame, exudes minimalism. The titanium gray variant provides preferences that may lean towards the more vibrant options. The matte finish on the back adds a touch of sophistication, although the phone’s corners may pose ergonomic challenges for one-handed use.


One significant upgrade is the move to a flat screen, a welcome change for those frustrated with curved screens. This alteration allows the use of tempered glass screen protectors, solving a longstanding issue. The screen’s Corning Gorilla Glass Armor enhances durability and reduces glare, ensuring a superior display even in bright sunlight. However, color enthusiasts may notice a shift in saturation compared to previous models.

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Camera Capabilities

The camera system, despite facing challenges in night photography, exhibits promising potential. Awaiting a firmware update, the S24 Ultra’s four cameras deliver impressive day shots with accurate white balance and exposure control. Videography enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to switch lenses while recording at 4K 60 FPS.

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Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, the S24 Ultra showcases impressive gaming capabilities and benchmark results. Anticipated firmware challenges, leading to unexpected throttling during intensive gaming sessions. Balancing heat concerns with user experience remains a delicate challenge for Samsung.

Software and AI Features

Samsung galaxy s24 Ultra review

Samsung’s One UI, often criticized for bloatware, remains a divisive topic. The addition of Galaxy AI features introduces a new dimension, although exploring its full potential requires a dedicated discussion. Notably, users can opt for local AI processing, prioritizing privacy over optimal AI performance.

Battery Life and Charging

samsung galaxy s24 ultra review

Boasting a 5,000 mAh battery, the S24 Ultra maintains the previous model’s endurance. However, an efficiency boost of around 15% over the S23 Ultra suggests improvements in the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and possibly One UI 6.0. While charging speed remains consistent at 45 watts, the introduction of battery bypass in One UI 6.0 offers an alternative for enhanced gaming performance.

Long-Term Software Support

A noteworthy enhancement is Samsung’s commitment to providing seven generations of Android OS upgrades and seven years of security patches. This extended support ensures the S24 Ultra stays relevant and secure for an extended period.

Verdict: Should You Buy?

In conclusion, the Galaxy S24 Ultra introduces iterative hardware upgrades, with the flat screen and extended software support standing out. While the pricing may be steep, Samsung’s frequent discounts make it more accessible. For photography enthusiasts and tech aficionados, the S24 Ultra offers a compelling package, setting the stage for an exciting year in smartphone technology.

If you are a casual user and still have the S23 Ultra you don’t need to worry a lot. You may ignore the camera while S23 Ultra still has the best camera and even performance. But if you like the Galaxy AI features you should invest a bit to upgrade although you are getting a long-term update.