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Renewed Partnership: Blizzard And NetEase In China After Microsoft Acquisition

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Blizzard Entertainment, known for its iconic game franchises like World Of Warcraft and Overwatch, is reportedly rekindling its collaboration with Chinese giant NetEase. This revival follows Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Blizzard’s parent company. The partnership, initiated in 2008, faced uncertainty as negotiations stalled in the preceding year. However, recent reports suggest a positive turn with a potential extension of their alliance. This move aligns with Microsoft’s influence, fostering reconciliation.

The Background

The original collaboration facilitated the introduction of StarCraft 2 and Blizzard Battle. net to China in 2008. Subsequently, titles like World Of Warcraft and Overwatch joined the roster. Despite the impending expiration in January 2023, the companies are seemingly overcoming differences.


The agreement’s renewal holds significance for Blizzard, NetEase, and the extensive Chinese gaming community. Navigating China’s intricate gaming landscape is challenging due to strict regulations, making local expertise vital. Blizzard, leveraging NetEase’s experience aims to deliver an uninterrupted gaming experience to its Chinese audience.

Future Prospects

Official confirmations are pending, but the potential partnership extension reflects Blizzard’s commitment to the Chinese market. President Mike Ybarra acknowledge China’s importance, expressing gratitude for the community’s enthusiasm. As we await confirmation from Microsoft-owned Blizzard, this development underscores the strategic importance of international partnership in the gaming industry.