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Realme Introduced Its New Game Network Anti-Interference Technology

Realme Introduced Its New Game Network Anti-Interference Technology

A seamless experience is paramount in online gaming. Realme takes a significant stride in this direction with its groundbreaking Game Network Anti-Interference Technology.

Understanding Game Network Anti-Interference Technology

The game network anti-interference technology by Realme is a game changer that operates within the 2.4G frequency band, utilizing a 40M bandwidth for data transmission. The key lies in its intelligent selection of high-reliability transmission rates, specifically within the 2.4G 40M bandwidth.

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Prioritizing Signal-to-Noise Ratio For Stability

The essence of this technology is its focus on prioritizing signal-to-noise ratio reliability. Doing so enhances communication stability and effectively reduces retransmission rates. Realme understands that in the gaming arena, every millisecond counts, and a stable connection is non-negotiable.

Overcoming Interference Risks

Within the 2.4G frequency band, the allocation of primary and secondary channels plays a crucial role. The technology addresses the potential interference risks arising from channel bundling, especially when misconfiguration occurs. This proactive approach ensures minimal latency and prevents disruptions during gaming sessions.

Real-Time Monitoring For Optimal Performance

The game network anti-interference technology goes beyond the basics by actively monitoring real-time communication network quality. This dynamic monitoring allows for on-the-fly adjustments in coding, bandwidth, and transmission rates that result in a significant boost in signal transmission success rates, especially in weak network settings.

Gaming Benefits Backed By Data

Realme Lab conducted thorough comparisons to showcase the tangible benefits of this technology in gaming. The test machine, equipped with game network anti-interference technology, outperformed comparison devices in game delay and various gaming indicators. The improvements were particularly noteworthy, elevating the overall gaming experience for Realme users.