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Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon X Is Going To Change The PC Chips. Here’s How

qualcomm snapdragon

Qualcomm, the tech giant known for its contribution to mobile technology, is stepping up its game in the PC chip industry with the upcoming launch of Snapdragon X. This new series of chips is set to challenge Apple’s highly regarded M series CPU, and it’s generating a lot of buzz.

Snapdragon X is Qualcomm’s answer to the rising demand for high-performance processors in the PC market. According to a recent report from, Snapdragon X promises to reshape the PC chip landscape with its custom-designed CPU architecture, Orion, which was developed by Nuvia, a company acquired by Qualcomm in 2021. Nuvia’s team includes former Apple engineers known for their work on Apple’s powerful CPUs, adding weight to the anticipation surrounding Snapdragon X.


One of the other facts is that Windows on ARM has been trying to catch up with Apple’s M series chips for a while now, and Snapdragon X could be the breakthrough it needs. If Snapdragon X lives up to the hype, it could mark a significant step forward for Windows on ARM, offering users a compelling alternative to Apple’s ecosystem.

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