PlayStation 5 Slim Bundle With Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 DLC Announced

PlayStation 5 Slim Bundle With Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 DLC Announced

The upcoming launch of the new slim console in the US is creating quite a buzz in the gaming community. According to an advertisement, the console is set to hit the market on November 10, with a price tag of $499.99. What makes this deal even more enticing is that it includes a bundle at no additional cost.

Interestingly, this price point is identical to the standalone console’s recommended retail price (RRP), and it’s $60 less than a product that is reportedly scheduled to launch on November 8. Sony has recently announced plans to launch this product in the US first, before expanding its availability to other regions in the subsequent months. However, an official release date has yet to be confirmed.

The bundle that comes with the console includes the 3 DLC. This downloadable content (DLC) won’t be released for other platforms until November 9, 2024. However, it will be available for standalone purchase on the PlayStation Store and is being offered as a pre-order bonus for both PS4 and PS5.

Sony and Call of Duty have a long-standing marketing deal. Over the years, this partnership has provided PlayStation owners with several perks, including exclusive game modes, in-game bundles, and early access to new content.

In related news, Microsoft’s acquisition of a certain publisher may finally be completed this week. Back in July, an agreement was signed between the console maker and Sony to continue certain services even after the deal closed.

This upcoming launch represents an exciting time for gamers, offering them more choices and great value for their money. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the release date.

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