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OPPO Find X7 Series Is The Flagship Champion In AI Photography Performance

oppo find x7

OPPO recently unveiled its flagship models, the OPPO Find X7 and OPPO Find X7 Ultra in China. The Find X7 series introduces substantial upgrades, focusing on generative AI, mobile photography, and privacy protection.

Oppo Find X7 AI Capabilities

The Find X7 series integrates generative AI into its smartphones, leveraging the 7-billion-parameter LLM of AndesGPT. This enables features like natural language comprehension and phone call content summary. With both device-side and cloud-side LLMs working in tandem, the Find X7 delivers AIGC elimination for innovative image editing experiences. Additionally, the LLM collaborates with the voice assistant, offering practical AI functions such as text-to-image, picture-to-text, and text content summary.

oppo find x7 ai capabilities

Noteworthy enhancements in photography are evident in the OPPO Find X7 Ultra. The device boasts the world’s first dual-periscope cameras, featuring a new 6x periscope lens covering focal segments from 14mm to 135mm. The 50MP ultra-wide camera excels in landscape shots, while the 1-inch large-size CIS main camera ensures strong performance in low-light conditions. The 3x and 6x periscope cameras enhance composition for portraits and close-ups, aided by dual-frame technology for rapid shutter response. Collaborating with Hasselblad further adds a professional and unique tone to the photos.

OPPO, with full-channel multi-scene optimization, sets a new benchmark in mobile photography for flagship models, showcasing its commitment to innovation in the high-end market.

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