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New Pixel Watch 2 Vibration Feature Can Let You Check Time Easily

Google Pixel Watch introduces an innovative method for discreetly checking the time using its vibration capabilities. Users can quickly access the current time by performing a specific action: tapping their watch face twice with two fingers. Additionally, the device allows users to customize the intensity of various types of vibrations through the Settings app. Three separate sliders control ringtone, notifications, and alarm vibration intensities, offering a range of choices from subtle to strong.

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Tactile Feedback Enhancements

Beyond the basic vibration features, the Pixel Watch 2 provides touch feedback within the interactive haptic section of the Settings app. This feature closely mirrors the options found on Pixel smartphones, including media vibrations.

Random Vibration Issues

Some users have reportedly instances where the Pixel Watch 2 seems to vibrant or emit sounds without any apparent reason, such as notifications being present. One potential cause identified is related to Fitbit’s “Reminders to Move” setting, even when disabled. To address this issue, some users have suggested turning off the feature completely or ensuring proper synchronization between devices.


In summary, the Pixel Watch 2 incorporates several improvements to its vibration system, allowing users to personalize their tactile experience while providing a unique means of checking the time discreetly. However, like many technologies, occasional issues may arise, requiring troubleshooting efforts to resolve them.


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