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Ned Luke’s Take On GTA 6: A Wild Ride, Mocap Madness, And Evolution Of Gaming

ned luke on gta 6

Ned Luke, the charismatic voice behind Michael De Santa in GTA 5, recently shared his thoughts on the highly anticipated GTA 6 in an engaging and candid interview.

Luke highlighted Michael’s commitment to family, despite his “douche” tendencies. The actor commended the character for putting family at the forefront. Even if Michael’s lifestyle isn’t Luke’s cup of tea, the family-centric struck a chord.

A spontaneous ad-lib by Luke, the iconic “Nama go yourself” line, pays homage to his wife, a yoga teacher. It’s a delightful blend of humor and personal touch, adding an unexpected layer to Michael’s character.

Addressing the long-awaited GTA 6, Luke dismissed notions of Rockstar stalling, shedding light on the challenges, including an actor strike and the impact of COVID-19. Luke drew parallels between the recognition he received after GTA 5 and the potential fame awaiting the actors of GTA 6. Luke’s reflections on Michael’s criminal lifestyle revealed a humorous twist. While he wouldn’t personally choose a life of crime, the actor expressed a desire to live that adventurous lifestyle vicariously through movies or video games.

From Michael’s profound lines about survival to comedic gems like “Stockholm syndrome is very nice this time of year”, Luke shared some of his favorite moments from GTA 5, offering a glimpse into the wit and depth that define the game.

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