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MSI Announced It’s Gaming Handheld: The Claw

msi gaming Handheld the claw

MSI, has recently announced a groundbreaking addition to its portfolio – the Claw. This gaming handheld stands out as a “world-first,” powered by the formidable Intel Core Ultra Processor.

The Intel Core Ultra Processor, propels this gaming handheld into a league of its own. The dedicated AI silicon integrated into the processor not only promises impressive graphics but also exemplifies Intel’s commitment to an AI-centric approach. This convergence of gaming prowess and artificial intelligence sets a new standard in the competitive gaming landscape.

MSI’s choice to pair the Claw with the Windows 11 operating system adds another layer of sophistication to this gaming device. The synergy between hardware and software creates a compelling package, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for users. The integration with Windows 11 also opens the doors to a broad game library, catering to diverse gaming preferences.

Emily Hebert, a Research Analyst at Counterpoint, recognizes the significance of MSI’s Claw in the gaming handheld market. She emphasizes that this unveiling is not merely about the device’s solid specifications but also a testament to Intel’s “AI Everywhere” ethos. The Core Ultra 7 chip’s performance, particularly in terms of graphics and power consumption, holds the key to renovate gaming handhelds.