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Mac Integration With Apple Vision Pro Is A Potential Feature To Like

apple vision pro

With this dynamic duo of Mac and Apple Vision Pro, there are various things you can do

What You Can Do:

Create a Virtual Desktop:

Seamlessly connect your Mac ‘to Apple Vision Pro for an immersive virtual desktop experience. A must-have feature that ensures a smooth connection between the two devices.

Use Vision OS Apps Alongside Your Mac:

Enhance your virtual display by incorporating Vision OS apps alongside your Mac. It’s all about maximizing productivity and convenience.

Mirror The Vision Pro to the Mac

Share your perspective with others by mirroring content from your Apple Vision Pro to your Mac. Perfect for virtual meetings and reducing the sense of isolation.

Connect to Mac Accessories:

Embrace the virtual keyboard and more as you connect to Mac accessories. The possibilities are endless, but do virtual keyboards get a thumbs-up

What You Might Not Be Able To Do

Arrang Mac Apps in Virtual Space:

Unfortunately, you can’t individually view Mac apps in Virtual Windows alongside each other. A bit of a disappointment for those envisioning an ideal multitasking scenario.

Create Multiple Virtual Displays:

The dream of having multiple virtual displays for your Mac may not come true. A limitation that might leave some users wanting more.

Compatibility with Intel Macs:

If you’re holding onto an Intel Mac, there’s a chance you might miss out. The code suggests compatibility may be limited to at least M1 Macs

What’s Next

Beyond Mac integration, Apple Vision Pro will be a limited launch nationwide with only 880,000 available at the initial release, the rush for demos and potential sellouts raise intriguing questions. Could Apple be orchestrating a PR dream with deliberate scarcity?