Lies Of P’s Director Reveals First DLC And Future Updates

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Choi Ji-won, the director of Lies Of P talks about the updates and future plans of the game. Choi announced that the game is going to get a significant patch in November that aims to fix weapon balance issues. Directors state that the game’s weapon combination system is fun at all but some players have been disappointed with certain weapon combinations’ performance. As a result, adjustments to underperforming weapons are planned for this upcoming patch, with detailed changes to be provided in the patch notes. Here’s a glimpse of the video

Another change of the game that is set to change is its difficulty level. The director recognized that some players found the initial difficulty to be high enough for newbies. To make it more accessible the team will put a new baseline ability to the player’s “Weather Happy” skill, and introduce new costumes for sale at Hotel Polendina’s basic shop. These changes won’t overwhelm new players and make them more engaged.

The director shares that in November, players will receive a set of Alidoro’s outfits, known as “Infection and Outfit.”From the feedback, the game will allow simultaneous wearing of glasses and hats to customize more. For this, the game will get a new hat and glasses as well.

In more, the director expressed developing more DLC in the future to make the game better but didn’t reveal much regarding more updates except these all mentioned

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