Is City Skylines 2 Worth It? Should You Really Buy It

city skylines

This is a guide to show whether you should buy Cities Skylines 2 or not with my first impressions and a little guide about the game.

The Legacy Of City Skylines

Cities Skylines 2 is the much-anticipated game of its predecessor, “Cities Skylines”, that many consider the best city builders game ever created after “Sim City” stumbled, “Cities Skylines” picked up the mantle and ran with it, providing an engaging and immersive city building experience.

First Impressions

One of the main reasons for Cities Skylines 2’s success is its more in-depth adaptable functions to build your city, and the game aims to every detail too. I never played the City Skylines 1 but playing this proves how this achieved a lot, it seems to have been released prematurely.

city skylines 2
city skylines 2

Performance Issues

And yes, there are issues with its performance. Across various machines, City Skylines 2 has been reported to run poorly and look visually unappealing even having powerful hardware. After setting it to both low and medium in hopes of getting a stable frame rate, the game continues to underperform.

Gameplay Impact

The performance issue impacts the overall gameplay too. As your city grows, so do these problems. There are numerous bugs and glitches present in the game, such as some cars don’t interact with roads and go through roads and buildings clipping through each other.


As I don’t have much experience in playing City Skylines, I never played the first part but with this version, it’s disappointing to see its sequel released in this state until the developers fix this ASAP. The audience base for this game is huge and the game can be successful if everything is fixed on time and meets players’s demands. Otherwise, there’s no means to release its sequel until the players are happy with the current game in the Polish state.

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