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Huawei is planning to bring over 5000 HarmonyOS native apps in 2024


Huawei aims to achieve a significant milestone in 2024 with HarmonyOS NEXT. The company anticipates the completion of 5000 HarmonyOS native apps by the year-end. During the HarmonyOS Ecosystem development event, Zhu Yonggang, President of Huawei Device Cloud, highlighted the imminent progression of HarmonyOS NEXT into its second phase, marked by substantial growth.

As part of the strategy, Huawei plans to collaborate with additional developers and forge new partnerships with enterprises and educational institutes. Monthly training sessions for over 100,000 developers aim to fuel the development of the HarmonyOS Ecosystem.

Huawei has a plan to launch the ‘ Shine Star Plan,’ a 7 billion initiative promoting eco-friendly innovations, including Harmony OS native apps, meta-services, and SDKs. Also, the company has already partnered with many entities across 18 fields such as games, communications, and business

Huawei is on track to meet its goal of completing over 5000 HarmonyOS native apps development by the end of 2024. Zhu envisions surpassing 500,000 apps in the foreseeable future. While Apple achieved 1.78 million apps on the App Store by the end of 2022, Huawei is focused on incremental objectives to reach new milestones.

Secretary-general of the Internet Society (Dai Wei) of China encouraging more Chinese firms to join the industrial chain development for the growth of the HarmonyOS ecosystem

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