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Huawei Pocket 2 Art uses 3D Dynamic Space Technology for a better look

Huawei’s Pocket 2 Art custom edition utilizes 3D dynamic space technology for a sleek design. This implementation elevates the customized model to a smart and elegant smartphone. Let’s delve into the details.

The Huawei Pocket 2 Art boasts a dreamy blue hue with a three-dimensional butterfly wing texture, courtesy of the 3D dynamic space technology. This advanced tech allows for a 3D effect on flat textures, enhancing the device’s visual appeal.

Achieving this intricate design involves 87 manufacturing processes, ensuring a pristine finish. Additionally, precise 0.1-micron ink particles are utilized to create stunning texture, patterns, and an artistic layout.

In collaboration with renowned designer Iris van Herpen, Huawei has crafted the Pocket 2 Art variant. Furthermore, the device features second-generation Kunlun Glass for enhanced durability, increasing drop resistance by 20 times.

The Huawei Pocket 2 comes with a customized gift package containing exclusively designed cases, a rapid charger, and other exquisite accessories. While most features remain consistent with the standard variant, the Pocket 2 Art Custom Edition is priced at 10,999 yuan (16GB + 1TB) and is available for pre-sale starting today at 18:08. Official sales commence on March 01, 2024.

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