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How To Disarm In Shadow Fight 2 Easily

how to disarm in shadow fight 2

If you are familiar with Shadow Fight 2, you have come to a point where you need to disarm your enemy which is a temporary state to remove an opponent’s weapon, leaving them vulnerable. The most effective way to disarm your enemy is to attack head hits as much as you can, which can generate a critical chance for you to win.

Best Weapons To Disarm Your Enemy In Shadow Fight 2

The best weapons I would like to recommend are:

  • Kusarigama
  • Hammers
  • Battons

Most of the time, I would like to suggest Kusarigama and Battle hammers especially when the challenge comes the first time to fight with Plague. Battle hammers are a great choice for head hits. Kusarigam’s single slash is more effective in close range.

Best Strategies To Disarm Your Enemy

Spinning Slash

Hitting the enemy in the head using a spinning slash has a higher chance of disarming. Spinning slash of all weapons I mentioned can increase chance.

Sweeping And Head Hits

Try to use single sweep rather than double. It can make the enemy fall down and then you can perform the head hits. If the enemy falls down and gets up you can make a fall kick or try a forward spinning if you are too close. Both these kick aims for the head and can also increase your chance of making a critical hit. While doing this challenge there is no need to do any other kicks as they are not beneficial

Quick And Rapid Attacks

Especially on this challenge, you don’t need to play defensively. Playing aggressively is recommended because the enemy won’t take any damage, that’s why doing unnecessary moves is worthless. So keeping your distance close and making rapid moves is a must.

Baiting And Dodging

You can bait the opponent into attacking and then swiftly dodge their strikes. This creates a momentary opening that can be used to disarm the enemy. However, it depends on the timing too. So play in the training room or survival to observe how the enemy behaves.

While battle with using kick is also crucial. I would like to recommend the kicks that are worthy,

Specific Moves Or Combos That Are Effective For Disarming In Shadow Fight 2

As I have played the game many times I don’t consider any specific moves or combos other than I mentioned above. It’s good to know that it won’t feel hard if you win this challenge many times. It can vary from difficulty of the challenge but you can increase your chance by upgrading more. However, it’s not guaranteed but it’s up to you the tips mentioned above are worthy in every way.

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