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How To Defeat Titan In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition? 2023 Tips

how to defeat titan in shadow fight 2

If you are familiar with Shadow Fight 2, you probably came to the point where you have to defeat Titan. From one of the best fighting games, Titan is one of the hardest enemies to defeat. In this guide, we will equip you with all the strategies, equipment, and other battle strategies needed to defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 special edition. With all the powerful weapons, armor, and skills at your disposal, the only thing standing between you and triumph is the mighty Titan himself.

Titan is a relentless foe, the reason to makes him the strongest enemy of the game quickly generates his health, and has a large Desolator to hit hit, and dodge. To defeat Titan you must first break through his defenses as soon as possible. Neither you can’t stay away from him nor you can stay closer to him for long. With a combination of certain skills, weapons, enchantments, and perks you can lower his defense and open the way for significant damage to deal.

The Challenge Of Defeating Titan In Shadow Fight 2

Survival is paramount when defeating Titan as his powerful attacks deal serious damage. However, by mastering the art of dodging, combos, and perfect timing you can avoid his attacks at some level and increase your chance of winning rate.

The Right Equipment To Choose

Preparation is the key to any battle and there is no exception in defeating Titan. To stand a chance against him you need the right equipment. You need to accept that playing against Titan requires an offensive battle. Rather than protect and defend yourself you need to lose Titan’s health ASAP. An armor and helmet enchanted with Regeneration, Damage Return, and Damage Absorption is best at all. And for the magic available at level 52, I would prefer to go with Torture’s Rage which has Life Steal.

Tips To Defeat Titan In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Preferred Weapons

The first and most popular question is which weapon can defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2. If you are playing the normal shadow fight 2, you can try Butcher Knives because at level 52 you get the full bleeding, as bleeding is so offensive, and lose 30% health in only 5 seconds. Here’s a list of the recommended weapons I tried in Shadow Fight 2 special edition.

  • Cobra’s Tooth
  • Thunder Hammers
  • Mowers

As in the special edition you can get anything. In the special edition, you don’t have the option to enchant anything. At level 52 there are no enchanted weapons but still, you have the chance. I tried all these weapons but remember that you may need many attempts (one or two in exception)Don’t go for the weapon that is slow and steady. All the mentioned weapons are fast for aggressive attacks. While Cobra’s Tooth is a blade weapon and often puts poison (rarely because of level 51 enchantment). Thunder Hammers are fast-paced too, with long lengths. Mowers’s moves are fast too and it may require a more try but these are effective too.

preferred weapons to defeat titan in shadow fight 2

Enchantments And Perks For Success

  • Apart from weapons. Navigator’s Coat is best at all as it has regeneration which will let you regenerate for 5 seconds. Also, I tried with Half-life armor too as it has damage absorption of level 51 but still mostly saves you during battle.

enchantments and perks for success

  • For the helmet, I definitely prefer Navigator’s Breath Mask. It has Damage Return. Which is an ultimate enchantment IMO. Almost 85% of the damage returns to the enemy if you take a head hit. Remember that closer to Titan will definitely make your head hit. Desolator moves are also aimed at the head.

enchantments and perks for success                             
  • As I mentioned in the “How to Defeat Lynx” guide. perks like Rock and Desperate, and Enlightment and Richochet from Act VII are super advised to learn.

  •  Especially Overcharge and Full power benefits for magic attacks during battle and cause more damage to the enemy.

Battle Strategies To Defeat Titan In Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

Because of Titan’s large body, neither you can’t knock him down nor you can defend yourself for long. Remember playing aggressively is most needed. A great combo of kicks like front kick and back kick and sweep are worthy too. No other kick is worthy rather than these.

For me, Thuder Hammers are a great choice as its lower slash move is beneficial for keeping Titan away and can be considered Titan’s weakness. Remember to make a front role while falling down on the front side as Titan mostly uses his magic to grab shadow which deals dual damage (from hit and after that smash on the ground). Do the same while Tian uses his grabbing hook as it also grabs you while coming back. 

And lastly, use the Torture’s rage in a successful timing when the magic is fully charged and any of the perks (full power and Overcharged) appear below the health bar. As shown I won with all three weapons.

battle strategies to defeat titan in shadow fight 2 special edition

battle strategies to defeat titan in shadow fight 2 special edition

battle strategies to defeat titan in shadow fight 2 special edition

Final Words

After all, these are my few recommended tips to defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2 special edition, in the special edition you don’t require anything to buy and expend but it’s not easy in the special edition too as well even after buying enchanted equipment. In the classic version, you can enchant but if your weapon got Bleeding at 52 level you can easily win or try Buther’s knives. Try it on your own. 

As these are just my recommendations, not guaranteed but if I can try why you can’t? As mentioned you need a mixture of training and timing. Kindly don’t hesitate if it doesn’t work for you because these tips are effective for me but if you find other ways you can share your views in the comments.

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