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How to Beat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2: Strategies and Tips

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As you guys already might know Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best fighting games that ever came on mobile devices. Most of the players are stuck in Act 1 with a query on how to beat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2. Here’s a Lynx battle guide.


Understanding Lynx’s Ability

As the name suggests, “Lynx” is a species of cat. He is as quick and responsive as a cat and has exceptional dodge and timing skills, making him a true ninja and difficult for opponents to hit. The lynx is a symbol of power, precision, and deadly power. He is a sharp prey because of his mysterious aura and unparalleled fighting skills.

The large claws of lynx make him capable of close and far-reaching attacks. As the “Time Bomb,” a medium recipe enchantment that causes an explosion three seconds after hitting, is enchanted into the lynx’s claws. Every demon in Shadow Fight 2 has a unique ability that they use when they lose a fight. Like in fictional ninja shows, Lynx uses a smoke explosion to become invisible. It becomes more difficult to damage him as we don’t know where he can attack. Also, he uses a ranged weapon which is also enchanted with “Poison” which loose 3% health every second over 5 seconds, a total of 15%. While lynx’s claws also have “poison” (dual enchanted).


Tips To Defeat Lynx In Shadow Fight 2

Analyzing Lynx’s Attack Patterns:- During the first match it is not hard to win the 1st round, you can win it with ease. It’s quite noticeable in the game that every demon shows and uses his tactic whenever they lose a round. Just like a cat attacks her prey, Lynx’s super slash move is dangerous from long range, as he also tries to move back and keep his distance to perform this move. So don’t let him go far.

Preparing For The Battle

There are upgrades and enhancements to consider before fighting Lynx. At level 6 we have “Daggers” in the Weapons Section, “Leather Jacket” in Armor Section, and “Close Helm” in Helm Section. You can upgrade each item up to 4 times, with (+6) upgrade each time. However, in the Special Edition of Shadow Fight 2, you can upgrade up to 2 times, but you can benefit to play with enchanted items as Special Editon gives more gems and coins after each battle. 
  1. Daggers” are good to go with, also the slashing move is also impressive. Because of its fast moves, you can easily win against Lynx. On the other hand, you can also use “Machetes” to kill Lynx because of its large size, you don’t need to go closer to the Lynx, as Lynx’s moves are fast in both close and long range. However, if you have gems you can use “Blood Reaper” which has “Bleeding” which is an upgraded enchantment of “Poisining” and lose 6% health per second over 5 seconds. While playing offensive enchantments like “Bleeding” is recommended.
  2. Leather Jacket” has no enchantment but you can upgrade at the potential where you find yourself to take the fight against Lynx. By fully upgrading the jacket you will don’t get much damage from Lynx, but the point to keep in mind is that you have to defend from Lynx’s claws attack too because they have “Time Bomb” as mentioned already, which gives more damage than any other enchantment.
  3. If you have gems then “Sacral Mask” should be perfect, as there you can get a chance to replenish your health on a chance of a head hit by Lynx. The same goes with “Close Helm“. You can upgrade it according to your potential to fight.
  4. At the beginning of the game always learn the “Desperate” perk, as it gives +15% damage. After that “Rock” is another recommended perk. “Helm Breaker” is also recommended for +35% damage for head damage.

You won’t have to fight Lynx again if you fully upgrade this equipment. Full protection and high damage make a simple success however it appears to be somewhat simple and in the event that you love extreme rivalry and need a commendable battle you can likewise win with just 2 upgrades of every piece of equipment.


Mastering Combos And Special Moves


Practicing all the essential combos and special moves to use against Lynx. Here’s how you can perform these.


  • A “Front Kick” and “Forward Spinning” is a must combo. If the enemy falls down on the back side, perform a “forward spinning” deals a good and even “Shock” the enemy. A “Back Kick” right after that is a great move.
how to beat lynx in shadow fight 2
The front kick is useful for critical hits


  • “Sweep” is a must use too. If the enemy falls down off the front side, perform an “Axe Kick” and then a “Back Kick”. If the enemy is too close “jump Kick” and “Single Sweep” is best to keep them back.
how to beat lynx in shadow fight 2
Single Sweep Is Beneficial To Down Your Enemy


  • Make sure to win the first round, it’s not hard. Make a quick response to “Sword Lower Slash” while holding the “Machete” after the round starts. For this keep your fingers on the buttons before the fight starts to quickly attack the Lynx. Perform the “Super Slash” move every time Lynx falls down as it may hit “Critical” Too.
how to beat lynx in shadow fight 2
Perform Lower Slash As First Strike Or When Lynx Get Up after Down


  • Play “Survival” to practice combos with real enemies. If you didn’t reach round 10 Of “Survival” you have to practice then again and again.

Battle Strategies

Fighting against Lynx on the defensive is not worthy at all. You have to play offensively. If you ever try to move back he attempts “Spinning Move” or “Super Slash Move” which can implant a bomb and even shock at the same time. Try to stay closer. Even dodging mostly works on 1st round after you win dodging works rarely. Dodging ranged weapons from Lynx is also essential as they contain both “bomb” and “poisoning“. Simply make a front role to come closer.

how to beat lynx in shadow fight 2
Make A Front Roll To Dodge Missiles 

The most difficult is to fight against Lynx when he uses his ability to vanish himself. At this moment you can see the camera view change. If the view is getting closer means Lynx is coming closer, at this point, you can move back or perform “Super Slash”. If the view is getting wider means Lynx is getting back, although it doesn’t happen.
how to beat lynx in shadow fight 2
Analyse The View, Then Make Move

Timing And Patience

All these depend on timing and patience. As mentioned you can play “Survival”. Watch carefully the enemy’s next move and respond against it. When you learn it many times you can analyze what move to make next while fighting with Lynx, as beating Lynx in the offensive is better rather than defensive, and the same goes with Titan.


Summary In Short


So, how to beat Lynx in Shadow Fight 2? The simple answer is not to let Lynx go far, stay and fight with close combos with offensive perks that boost damage against the enemy, and play survival to lean timing and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the recommended weapons and armor to use against Lynx?

As Lynx has big claws, claws move faster in both close and long ranges.”Daggers” and “Machete” are the best. If you have gems “Riveted Jacket” is best otherwise your own choice.

2. Are there any specific perks or abilities that can give an advantage against Lynx?

Offensive perks like “Desperate”, “Rock” and “Helm Breaker” make an advantage against Lynx

3. What is the best strategy for countering Lynx’s fast-paced attacks?

Getting closer to Lynx, doing lower slash attacks and kick combos are the best strategy to counter Lynx’s attacks

4. Can I defeat Lynx without spending real money on in-game purchases?

With weapons like “Daggers” and “Machete”, and armor and helmet of your choice you can defeat Lynx with each piece of equipment’s possible upgrade

5. How many rounds do I need to win to defeat Lynx?

You have to win 3 out of 5 rounds in Shadow Fight 2 against all demons.

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