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How Galaxy AI makes your travel journey easier and effortless

samsung galaxy ai

Now you have a personal guide in your pocket making your journey smoother and more accessible.

Seamless Planning with Galaxy AI

Remove all indecisions with AI assistance. The Galaxy S24’s Circle to search with Google feature lets you act on inspiration instantly. Wherever you go galaxy AI adds a new dimension of preparation, helping you follow curiosity with confidence.

Bridging Language Barriers

You can use the Galaxy S24’s s interpreter feature to converse seamlessly with fellow travelers, transcending language barriers. Chat Assist’s Message translation feature ensures clear communication, making travel a more social experience with meaningful connections.

Enhancing Cultural Exploration

The live translation is available in 13 languages and facilitates real-time, two-way call translation within the native call app. This allows you to navigate language differences confidently.

Capture photos with Generative Edit

Utilize Generative editing to correct composition issues in photos effortlessly. Remove and edit unnecessary objects in crowded or group photos.

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