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GTA 5 Development Files In Leaks Reveal Abandon Treasures

gta 5 leaks

In a surprising turn of gaming leaks through a Reddit source, a second zip file containing development files of GTA 5 has surfaced on the internet, bringing with it a trove of intriguing discoveries that shed light on the game’s early stages.

Among the notable findings are screenshots unveiling a very early version of an underwater level from the scrapped game “Agent”. These images, initially intended for GTA 5 documentation, showcase the gaming evolution and include references to a mysterious character named “Jimmy”, serving as Agent’s codename. Enthusiasts are buzzing about the untold stories and adventures in that abandoned underwater level.

Equally captivating is the emergence of a model depicting Liberty City with the tag “gta5_liberty”. This revelation points to a canceled single-player DLC that was once embedded in the GTA 5’s code. The Liberty City map hints at a parallel gaming universe that could have expanded the GTA 5 experience even further