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According to Samsung, Galaxy S24’s display is intentionally adjusted for accurate viewing

Galaxy S24 display

The latest update on the Galaxy S24’s display is quite a buzz. Samsung’s approach to the vivid display mode in this series has sparked discussion, especially concerning the shift in its color vibrancy.

The Galaxy S24’s vivid display mode has undergone a noticeable transformation, featuring less vibrant colors compared to its previous one. Amid user complaints and speculations, a conversation screenshot with a Samsung Support agent hinted at a potential future upgrade to enhance the vivid display mode’s colorfulness.

However, Samsung Spain, in a statement reported by Teknofilo, refutes these claims. According to the statement, Samsung stands firm, asserting that there are no plans to alter the current vivid display mode on the Galaxy S24.

The company attributes the adjustments to colors and brightness as intentional, aiming to deliver a more accurate and comfortable viewing experience. The changes, as per Samsung Spain, result from advancements in display technology, introducing variations in color depth compared to older devices.