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Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max went head to head in drop tests!

galaxy s24 ultra vs iphone 15 drop test

A drop test via phone buff shows the comparison of Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max conducted together with some rounds showing iPhone 15 winning ahead some steps.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and iPhone 15 Pro Max drop-test

Both phones were dropped simultaneously, and despite hopes pinned on Samsung’s new Gorilla Glass Armor, both devices sustained significant damage to their backs. Galaxy S24 Ultra’s glass fared worse with spider web cracks spreading across the surface, giving the iPhone a slight edge in this round.

Following a corner drop onto concrete, both phones showcased remarkable resilience, with minimal damage to their titanium frames. Despite a chunk of glass missing from the iPhone’s rear, the overall impact was evenly matched, resulting in a tie for this round.

In the next face-down drop test, both phones’ screens shattered, but the iPhone exhibited less spider-webbing, with FaceID and the selfie camera remaining functional. In contrast, the Galaxy’s cracks impeded the fingerprint scanner and caused glare issues, giving the iPhone a clear victory in this round

In a last bonus round, it was wound iPhone’s display began exhibiting anomalies, including a blacked-out area and pink vertical lines, ultimately rendering it inoperable. Meanwhile, the Galaxy endured the test, albeit with damage to its display, emerging as the resilient champion of the bonus round.

Despite a valiant effort from both contenders, the Galaxy S24 Ultra emerged victorious in this intense drop test, showcasing superior durability and functionality throughout the rigorous trials. While the iPhone demonstrated resilience in some aspects, it ultimately succumbed to the relentless impacts, highlighting Samsung’s advancements in smartphone durability.