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Are you too enjoying Starfield? May be some reasons for some users are for the colors of the game. It may be not in your case. But Starfield looks better in HDR. The Xbox Series X offered a less than perfect HDR experience. But if you are in PC you can’t experience it. For this game changing mod is here to help pc gamers, and it’s called Luma Native HDR.

Created by the talented individuals Ur Pumu Lilium and Short Fuse, this mod introduces a host of improvements that take Starfield’s visual experience to the next level. With Luma Native HDR, you can fine-tune various display settings, drastically enhancing your gaming experience.

  1. Display Mode:
    You can switch between HDR10 and HDR sRGB, with HDR10 offering a slightly better HDR picture. The choice is yours.
  2. Peak Brightness:
    Adjust the maximum peak brightness in specular highlights. The game can output up to 10,000 nits, ideal for future-proofing.
  3. Game Paper White:
    Fine-tune the average picture brightness in the game, balancing your preferred level with maintaining details in specular highlights.
  4. User Interface Paper White:
    Customize the brightness of on-screen icons to your liking.

The most significant enhancements come from the mod’s gamma correction, loot correction, and color grading settings. You have the power to decide how you want your Starfield experience to look and feel.

  1. Keeping the Greenish Look:
    If you prefer the original greenish filter but desire a better Black Level floor, increase the loot correction setting.
  2. Eliminating the Greenish Look:
    To get rid of the greenish filter and still enjoy a perfect Black Level floor, reduce the color grading to zero.
credit :- GamingTech

According to the GamingTech recommendation is to keep color grading at 100 and increase the loot correction to 100. This combination results in a perfect Black Level floor while maintaining an array of HDR colors.

The game now displays a rich BT2020 color space, bringing more vibrancy and realism to your Starfield adventures. However, it’s important to note that this color space is not constant; it appears when needed, enriching the gaming experience when present.

In conclusion, the Luma Native HDR mod elevates Starfield’s HDR experience on PC to new heights. With the ability to fine-tune settings, improve HDR colors, and eliminate Black Level issues, this mod is a must-have for any Starfield enthusiast. Bethesda is also working on an official patch for native HDR on the PC version, promising exciting possibilities for the future.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts on this game-changing mod in the comments section. Stay tuned for updates from Bethesda as they work on enhancing the native HDR experience. Transform your Starfield journey today!

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