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COD Warzone Mobile’s Team Head Said Unlock Graphics Can Destroy Mobile Devices! Need To Do Major Optimizations

call of duty warzone mobile twitter news
call of duty mobile needs major optimizations
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Hideo Hikida (Production Leader) of Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile said in a recent Twitter post that optimizations in-game are necessary unless the game can damage the hardware of the devices and might crash if the graphics are in unlock state. That’s not new for games but some gaming companies prioritize performance first. As they give this setting so that players can play on stable frames. That is preferred for devices also. Here are Hikida’s lines he said…

we don’t want to unlock that setting right now because we know it’s going to cause a bunch of phones to crash. We’re still optimizing the game for all devices tiers atm so want to keep the experience consistent rather than not.

call of duty mobile needs major optimizations

Need For Major Optimizations

As it’s still unknown which settings the beta version is currently running on. As the team also mentioned in a previous update that they are focusing on Android devices mostly rather than Ios, as iPhones are still running smoothly. However, the game can be unsuitable for mid-range devices with 4GB models because 4GB models typically have Snapdragon 660 and its subsequent 600 series models. However, in some instances, flagship phones such as ROG did not experience any issues with crashes or lags. Most of the devices that need to be used at room temperature or with a cooling fan may overheat. Since “Warzone Mobile” stated that they are working on additional optimizations, we can hope for the best.

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