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Apple’s Next Camera Lineups For iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Series Just Upgraded

Apple iphone 16

As known from the rumored leak, Apple unveils its ambitious roadmap for the iPhone camera, promising unparalleled imaging capabilities in the upcoming Apple iPhone 16 Pro and 17 Pro series. The iPhone 16 Pro series boasts a remarkable upgrade to a 48mp wide angle lens with a cutting-edge 1.22um stacked design, elevating it beyond the iPhone 15 Pro series standard. Not stopping there, the ultra-wide angle lens leaps to 48mp, a substantial enhancement from the previous 12mp 1.4um.

Looking ahead to the iPhone 17 Pro series. Apple continues to push boundaries with a 48 Mp wide-angle lens featuring impressive 1.4um and 1/1.14 inch specifications. Additionally, the telephoto lens receives a major overhaul, now sporting a formidable 48mp capability. This camera evolution solidifies Apple’s commitment to delivering an enhanced photography experience, setting new benchmarks


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