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Apple Vision Pro scratch test told something else, despite having a laminated glass

inside the Apple vision pro

Equipped with an array of cameras and sensors, the Vision Pro aims to redefine the user experience. From the magnetically detachable light shield to the innovative lens mechanism that automatically adjusts interpupillary distance, every aspect of this headset is meticulously designed

Scratch Test

However, a closer inspection reveals a potential drawback- the susceptibility to scratches on the front surface. Despite Apple’s claims of laminated glass, the presence of scratches at relatively low levels of hardness raises concerns about long-term durability and maintenance costs.

apple vision pro scratch test

Peering Inside

Delving deeper, the internal components of the Vision Pro unveil a marvel of engineering. With dual turbo fans for cooling, an M2 chip coupled with the R1 chip for real-time processing.

apple vision pro 2

Accessibility and Future Potential

while the Vision Pro represents a leap forward in technology, there remains room for improvements, particularly in accessibility features for users with physical impairments. Suggestions for alternative input methods highlight the potential for inclusivity in future iterations of products.