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Apple Vision Pro is ready to buy via Apple Shop

apple vision pro

The much anticipated Apple Vision Pro has finally hit the market and it features a range of features and customization options, marking it a unique and immersive experience for users.

Storage options and Pricing

The Apple Vision Pro is available in three storage variants: 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB which are priced at $3699 and $3899. Notably, these prices exclude optical inserts for users requiring prescription glasses.

Order Experience

Ordering the Vision Pro is as simple as clicking on “Buy”. The first step involves measuring your head using the iPhone’s Face ID, users are prompted to rotate the phone around their head for precise measurements, for a snug and comfortable fit. This data determines the size of the Light Seal and headbands for optimal experience.

Apple Vision Pro launch

Optical Inserts for Enhanced Comfort

In the second step, the user has a choice: Glasses for reading or prescription glasses for daily use. Zeiss provides optical inserts in two variants – for readers and prescription insets. Readers are available for an additional $99, while a prescription set comes at an extra $149 cost.

App Ecosystem and Compatibility

Apple provides a robust app ecosystem for the Vision Pro, with over 600 apps available, including Arcade games. Also, third-party VR games are supportable, granted they can run on Mac using the Virtual Display features.