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Apple Shifting Gears Over Exiting In-House Modem Development

apple 5g modem

In a surprising move, Apple has decided to halt its in-house modem development, a decision that could reshape the future of its devices. Source reveal that Apple is strategically streamlining investments in its 5G modem development division and optimizing its workforce. 

Despite earlier expectations, it appears that efforts to integrate Apple’s in-house modem into the eagerly awaited iPhone SE 4th generation have faced setbacks, raising questions about the tech giant’s future plans in the modem arena. This shift signals a departure from the path Apple was treading, hinting at a significant change in strategy.

Stay tuned for the implications of this decision and how it could impact the upcoming Apple devices. As the company navigates this unexpected development, tech enthusiasts are left wondering about the next chapter in Apple’s innovative journey.


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