Apple Developing Next-Generation Battery for Commercialization in 2025

Apple Developing Next-Generation

Another reason here why Apple is known for its innovative technology and its commitment to sustainability? In line with this, the company is currently developing a next-generation battery that is expected to be commercialized in 2025. This battery is primarily intended for Apple’s mobile product range, such as the iPhone and iPad.

Apple is actively involved in the development of all aspects of the battery, including the materials used in the anode, cathode, and conductive layers. They are exploring the use of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) which is excellent for electrical Conductivity and can improve battery’s performance as well as faster charging and long battery life.

Another key innovation that Apple is working on is increasing the silicon content in anode materials and has a higher energy density than graphite, and the current standard material used in anodes. By increasing the silicon content in anodes, Apple could potentially achieve significant increases in battery capacity.

Apple has not yet released any specific performance metrics or benchmarks for its next-generation battery. However, given the company’s focus on developing new battery materials and technologies, it is expected that the new battery will offer significant improvements over existing batteries in terms of performance, such as energy density, charging speed, and cycle life.

The development of high-performance batteries is becoming increasingly important as the world transitions to a more digital and electrified future. The demand for high-performance batteries is expected to rise significantly in the coming years, driven by the growth of the Metaverse, Mixed Reality, and electric vehicles.


The information in this article is based on souce mentioned. Apple has not yet made any official announcements about its next-generation battery.

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