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Android 13 Release: Fairphone OS Version C.079 Arrives with Notable Changes

The Android 13 ecosystem continues to evolve, with Fairphone OS version C.079 making its debut on November 3, 2023.

Key Information:

  • Release Date: November 3, 2023
  • Android Version: 13
  • Software Version: FP4.TP1X.C.079
  • Security Patch Level: October 5, 2023

Notable Changes: Adaptive Brightness Enhancement

One of the most significant improvements in Fairphone OS version C.079 is the enhanced Adaptive Brightness feature. This enhancement ensures that your device remembers the brightness level you’ve set, providing a more consistent and personalized user experience.

In the previous Android versions, Adaptive Brightness would adjust the screen’s brightness based on your environment and preferences. However, it often resets to default settings when you lock your device or restart it. With this update, your Fairphone will now retain the brightness level you’ve chosen, even after the device reboots, ensuring that your display remains comfortable and tailored to your liking.

This change is a welcome addition for users who prefer their devices to remember their individual screen brightness preferences, as it eliminates the need to readjust settings repeatedly.

With this small yet impactful update, Fairphone OS version C.079 aims to improve the overall user experience and make Android 13 even more user-friendly.